The first Ferrari-based project, Vestale promises to surpass all the machines already created in the workshop. Whether in terms of style or performance, the beast is being prepared in the shadows.


Enigmatic machine

Halfway between illusion and reality. Between the luxuriant fires of the industrial Eden and the dark electronic night. Between the optical nerve and the arcade screen. Between the Latin exuberance of a purple past and the quiet discretion of a dark destiny. Between the Roman sword and the Berlin sawed-off gun. Between the extravagant splendor and the rough sobriety. Between the prancing horse and its daring rider. Between the binary oscillations of a digital soul and the vibrating palpitations of a mechanical beast. Between the marble columns and the burning tarmac. Between the steering wheel and the autostrade. Between the asphalt and the skies. In the Pantheon of the automotive world.

Guardian of the sacred fire

After 30 years serving the tradition, guardian of the myth of the prancing horse, devoted to years of upper-class cavalcades, Vestale becomes emancipated.
It retains from her past obligations only the maintenance of the sacred fire of which she is the guardian. Hybridized and increased, it exploits the energy of a new heart and the vivacity of an enriched skeleton. Of its privileges, it retains the freedom granted to those of its rank and the prestige bestowed upon its family. From its lineage, it takes on the boldness, the originality of youth and the authority of an uncontested heritage.

Mechanical acuity

Ninety millimeters above the asphalt, skimming the track, Vestale seems glued to the black ribbon that snakes between the rails. The vehicle benefits from a slim profile that pierces the atmosphere and from sharp aerodynamics. Featuring four lateral foils, the machine promises to fly over the track and cut through the road. The heart that drives the beast is superbly displayed at the vessel’s stern. Sharp and brutal, the gearbox of the monster spills out of the bodywork between two roaring exhaust pipes. The perforated grills that overhang this set let guess the complete engine. Two flaming eyes stand out from this aluminum veil to signal the presence of the phenomenon in the night.

Felt Insolence

Built for confrontation, the cockpit plunges those who wander into it deep into the darkness. With its sumptuously armored seats and pure central console, the cockpit directs the gaze towards the light, towards the outside and the road. Wrapped in felt, it swallows up extraneous sounds and installs its pilot in a matte atmosphere where only the howling of the engine and the slamming of the stick in the grid count. The windshield is like a screen, the steering wheel like an arcade machine. The driver loses all notion of time. The euphoria and the sensations delivered by the machine are now all that matter.

Work on Vestale has already begun and is currently underway. The designed concept will soon be a reality and an outstanding machine available for sale.


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