Our philosophy

No matter where the machine comes from, no matter its reputation, no matter its price… We will never sacrifice a beautiful car on the altar of speculation. Our only chapel is the one of emotion. The sensations delivered by driving and the aesthetics of a vehicle are all that matter to us. Committed to keeping automotive history alive, we love all machines as long as they drive with style.


Mechanical heart, artistic soul

Mechanics is an art that we practice every day in our workshop. As such, we are sensitive to all forms of artistic creation and draw our inspiration from museums, poetry books and iconic pieces of contemporary design.
Considering the vehicles that pass through our hands as artworks, each of our projects receives a name, a universe and a story of its own. The creative fields are infinite, as are the collaboration perspectives.


Performance and sophistication

We create vehicles with a global vision, respecting the soul of the model and paying exceptional attention to the details.
Our technical choices are studied to achieve the perfect symbiosis between reliability and performance for an incomparable driving pleasure.
Our design work meets a high standard of consistency, combining boldness and elegance. The exclusive materials used and the care given to the finishes ensure unique and singular creations.


French do it better

Our workshop gathers all the skills related to automotive creation, from design to production. Dialogue between creativity and technique, our know-how requires specific skills. Mechanical engineers, motorists, bodywork specialists, painters, designers, upholsterers and sewers, we practice the scope of our art with passion and high standards.
Our creations are the result of meticulous work using pure and noble materials. As craftsmen of luxury and mechanics, our high level of expertise is reflected in every detail of our projects. This precious know-how is applied to our approach and makes Machine Revival a true signature.

Create your own machine

Interested in creating a singular vehicle?
To learn more about the process of a project at Machine Revival, discover the steps that lead to the birth of a unique machine.

Waiting for a crush ?

We offer vehicles for sale entirely designed by our team and manufactured in our workshops in the purest Machine Revival style!

Any plans for your machine, any questions?


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