10 years working on complex, sur-mesure automotive projects builds up your know-how. Today, we put these skills in the repair, restoration and maintenance of exceptional vehicles at the service of all cars of interest. Oldtimers or Youngtimers… bodywork, upholstery, mechanics, we sharpen the engines and sublimate the cars you love.


For routine maintenance or a more thorough check-up? A minor repair or refurbishment? For technical or aesthetic upgrades? We’ll be happy to take care of your toys.

Experts in the restoration of classic vehicles, our team brings you the very best diagnostics and services.
As craftsmen of the mechanical world, we apply our skills and high standards to the refurbishment of your classic car, with the utmost respect for the original model.
Would you like to give your classic car a new lease of life?
We can carry out complete or partial restorations of your machine.

Bring contemporary touches to your classic vehicle to increase mechanical performance or comfort.

These improvements allow you to give your classic vehicle the benefits of a modern one without altering its initial lines. Do you dream of a more comfortable, more reliable, more efficient classic vehicle? This method is for you.

Revisit the lines and the interior of your vehicle by choosing Machine Revival to design your project and turn it into a real work of art.

Our design work meets a high standard of consistency, combining boldness and elegance. The exclusive materials we use and the delicate care we take in the finishes ensure unique and singular creations.

Because our deepest motivation is to keep the mechanical and automotive heritage alive. Because we want to be able to drive our classic cars for as long as possible and not just admire them in their garage.

We convert the engine of your classic vehicle to biofuels or we remove the thermic engine of your car to replace it by a 100% electric motorization certified and adapted to the vehicle.

Does your vehicle need a visit to the workshop?
Our experienced team can diagnose breakdowns and recommend repairs.
We also carry out recurrent maintenance work on your vehicle, so you can enjoy it whenever you want. Oil changes, filter replacements, tire changes and safety checks. We maintain your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Restoring or upgrading the appearance of a classic or collector’s vehicle requires specific professional skills.
Our workshop takes care of all your restoration, paintwork modification and bodywork polishing work, in compliance with the rules of the art.

From diagnostics to complete engine and gearbox renovation, right through to the most advanced preparation.
Our team masters every possible aspect of restoring, optimizing and converting classic vehicles.

Whatever the scope of your project, our saddlers will restore, repair or create a custom interior for your vehicle.
From the choice of materials to the final stitching, our meticulous workshop ensures the highest standards and impeccable finishes.

Our electrical mechanics connect all your vehicle’s on-board technologies in the right way.
They also enhance your classic vehicle with modern peripherals such as air conditioning, a sound system or more efficient lighting.

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