Unique vehicles creation

Our vehicle creations are the result of meticulous work.
Noble, pure materials crafted with passion, a singular vision of style…
As artisans of luxury and mechanics, our experience is reflected in every machine made in our workshops.

Machine Revival universe


10 years of unique vehicle creation
2023 is a very special year for us. Not only because it marks our move to the Basque Country in Bayonne but also because it marks 10 years of Machine…
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Machine Revival moves to the Basque Country
Machine Revival establishes its new headquarters in the Basque Country in Bayonne. With 2000 m² of workshops dedicated to the creation of unique vehicles, we will have the pleasure to…
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Hangar zero1
Machine Revival will be at Hangar zero1 festival on May 27th, 28th & 29th 2022 on the aerodrome of Arbent-Oyonnax for a weekend dedicated to beautiful machines. This event will…
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Machine Revival Invitational, first edition
On May 7, 2022, on the sumptuous circuit of Grand Sambuc, we had the joy to bring together the members of the Machine Revival family who wished it for an…
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Discover Cobalt, 24th creation of Machine Revival
Discover MR24 Cobalt
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Discover Solar, 23rd creation of Machine Revival
Discover MR23 Solar
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Machine Revival presents its 22nd creation
Discover MR22 Rusty
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Machine Revival introduces its 21st signature model
Discover MR21 Nanny
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