MR28·913 Blackbird

brutal 912

Resulting from the marriage between a Porsche 912 and a 993 M64 block, the 913 Blackbird is a monster with sensations in a radical setting.





860 kg


300 hp


913 Blackbird
Unidentified name

A less expensive but also less powerful variant of the 911, the Porsche 912 was originally powered by a flat 4 inherited from the 356. Here replaced by the ultimate “air” flat six, a 993 M64 block, the original 912 is now seriously upgraded to the number 913. Abandoning its quiet touring nature for a sharp character, it is ready to swallow the curves with ferocity.

Borrowing its Blackbird name from the famous Lockheed SR-71 spy plane, it celebrates its black color as well as its aeronautical cockpit and its ability to propel its pilot with fury on the runway.

Raw from the track

The 913 BB looks civilized with its narrow fenders, yellow headlights and original hardware, but in truth it is an uncompromising competitor. Make no mistake, this beast is built for time trials. The white rims, a code inherited from rallying, show that the car is a sensation machine.

Dedicated to performance, communicating the slightest relief of the road to whoever gets on board, it adopts the typical character of the 911 but pushes all the cursors to their limits.
Fierce in its acceleration, relentless in its curves… grabbing the wheel and pressing the right pedal is a sure shot of adrenaline.

Radical to the core

Add elements that do not contribute to the defined performance objective? Why not? The interior is stripped of all artifice, purged of all attributes that are not essential. The interface between man and machine is reduced to two carbon buckets, a handle, a steering wheel and three pedals… A raw contact with the mechanics, directly with the asphalt.

The integral roll bar, as well as the whole body which includes the pilot are treated in the most minimal way: a black paint. Glossy for the roll bar, matte for the body. The only organic elements in this raw interior are the felt of the covers and the wood of the pommel.



Brand : Porsche, Modèle de base : 912, Year: 1968, Capacity : 3.6, Power : 300 hp, Weight :860 kg, Transmission : Manual, Year of creation : 2023, Color: Black, Upholstery : Carbon & aluminium, Ideal Use : Track days, track weeks, track, track, track.


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