A background in rally racing, a childhood dream. The desire to tame the beastly power of a racing car and give it a new start.

911 3.0




1100 kg


260 hp


Tame the beast

Take the time to get to know the mechanics in order to rebuild them. That’s how we approach all our car projects. First we take a long look, then we sit behind the wheel, turn the key, press the pedal and listen to the roar of the engine. Feel and discover the imperfections to correct them. Build around the characteristics of each car. Tame the beast.
The configuration of this 27th Machine is once again the result of our encounter with a unique car. A car whose history and character we took the time to learn about. A wild car that we have tamed over the months to make a friend.

“We only know the things we tame, says the fox. Men don’t have time to know anything anymore. They buy ready-made things from merchants. But as there are no merchants of friends, men have no more friends. If you want a friend, tame me! “

New start

Rally car with proven performance and mismatched body parts. In a previous life, B612 was a racing machine that criss-crossed the country roads in search of the most beautiful special stage, in search of the best time. Retired from the circuits, freed from its duty of performance, it passed without ambition on the asphalt of its exploits. A car stuck between its brutal character and the regulatory limits.
Now equipped with more civilized mechanical settings, dressed in a perfectly fitting dress and enriched with a more comfortable interior, the brutal machine has been tamed. It’s the end of a lifetime of racing, the beginning of a lifetime of travel.

“There will always be another opportunity [ … ] a new force. For every ending there is always a new beginning.”

A world of its own

An asteroid ” just a little bigger than a house “, that’s how Saint-Exupéry described B612, the home planet of the Little Prince in his famous novel.
A 911 ” just a little more ideal than a Porsche “, that’s how we could describe this new car creation, the realization of a child’s dream.
The original body retains the wide fenders that suggest a past as a racer. As a tribute to its years on the special stages, large circular openings woven in gold are graphically inscribed on the prominent front and rear bumpers.
The car’s color is a shimmering red, sometimes dark, almost black, sometimes bright in the sunlight or the cold light of street lamps.
With gold wheels, it has a chic and sophisticated look that counteracts its large size. The spartan interior of the rally car gives way to whimsical leather and Colombian textile seats.



Brand : Porsche, Base model : 911 3.0, Year : 1981, Capacity : 3.2, Power : 260 hp, Weight : 1100 kg, Transmission : Manual, Year of creation : 2023, Color : Pearl Red, Upholstery : Leather, Fabric & Aluminium, Ideal use : Daily


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