Lightweight, optimized, shaped and developed in our workshop for the track, Void has the character of a racer. It is nevertheless a pleasure to drive on the steep roads leading to the starting grid.

911G 3.0




932 kg


297 hp


Dark attraction

The explosion just happened and consumes all the oxygen arround. The pressure and the heat were such that nothing could resist it. The energy produced by the fireball made its way through the surrounding metal labyrinth. It travels from the flaming chains to the burning shafts. It travels through the frantic belts and thunders down to the vulcanized sculptures that send the monster on its way.
The atmosphere is suffocating. Sharp carbon cuts through space. The acurate aluminum tears through the pavement. The asphalt is on fire and the beast swallows the burning air in breathtaking proportions to continue its demonic race.
The conditions are hellish but it’s a mechanical paradise.

Violent lightness

From the original machine, Void keeps only the monocoque. Fenders, doors, bumpers and hoods made of carbon kevlar replace the existing body parts.
The bucket seats and door panels are made of the same material. Superfluous weight is hunted down to the bone. Parts and functions that can be optimized are. Others are either replaced or eliminated.
Lightened, optimized, cut and designed for the track, Void has the character of a racer. But it’s still a delight to drive on the steep roads leading to the starting grid. Its light weight and torquey engine make it a sensational machine at any speed. Flanked by large openings in the bumpers and adorned with an unconventional interior, Void darkly displays its temperament, its penchant for extreme riding.

A tenebrous trajectory

Taken from a dark garage where her fierce nature had been corrupted by a layer of varnished glitter. Shined and pampered to excess where it only wanted to be brutalized and to give blow for blow to its pilot. The machine is now stripped down to its essentials and regains the raw character of a competition car.
Now dedicated to sportiness and free from any artifice, the machine stands out for its rigor and accuracy. Demonstrating a mechanical challenge pushed to its paroxysm, the engine adopts a minimalist aesthetic, allowing only the noble parts that compose it to emerge.
Designed for a modern use, Void leaves in its mirror the defects linked to its old age. It can be used in any weather and in any conditions, and is only waiting for a turn of the key to emerge from the shadows of its garage and set its driver’s day alight.


  • COLOR Deep gloss black
  • WHEELS Campagnolo
  • BODY Carbon kevlar
  • BUMPERS Lightened
  • SEATS Carbon bucket seats
  • PANELING Carbon & wool felt paneling
  • SAFETY Custom made 4 point roll bar
  • UPHOLSTERY Alcantara pads
  • GEARSHIFT Black teinted ash wood knob
  • PEDAL BOARD Perforated aluminum pedal board
  • PEDALS Aluminum gas pedal
  • AC Automatic air conditioning
  • BASE MODEL 911 3.0
  • YEAR 1982
  • WEIGHT 932kg
  • TRANSMISSION 5-speed, rear wheel drive
  • BRAKES Front 6 pistons, Rear 4 pistons, drilled ventilated discs
  • SUSPENSIONS Dynamic controlled suspension
  • CAPACITY 3.0
  • POWER 297cv
  • INJECTION Individual throttles injection
  • MANAGEMENT Specific electrical management
  • FUEL Unleaded & bio-ethanol
  • EXHAUST Bespoke stainless steel line

MR26 Void is for sale – Price on request


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