Completely revised bodywork, shiny chrome and chamonix white, mint suede interior, brand new mechanics and more powerful engine make this classic a dream machine.

BMW 3.0 CS




1420 kg


315 hp


Mythical creature

Machine Revival’s Falkor is not a hairy dragon and does not live in the confines of Fantasia. However, he shares many characteristics with this phantasmagorical being.
Straight out of our imagination in the heart of our workshop, a slender figure with a white dress, he offers fantastic rides to whoever takes the wheel.
It does not evolve in the middle of the clouds but splits the atmosphere with the same agility as the imaginary creature. Lively and skilful, it swallows the journey without flinching. Its serene and regular breath invites its passengers to contemplate. Its dynamic capabilities bring a candid joy to its driver.

An ode to travel

Like the dragon in the never-ending story, our Falkor has a rich history of wanderings.
Born in Bavaria under the gothic gaze of the Rathaus Glockenspiel some fifty years ago, he has crossed continents and oceans to establish his resort under the sun and the neat palm trees of California. A new transatlantic voyage will finally bring him back to the old continent and a well-deserved break in our workshops will allow him to find a new breath before returning to the roads that saw him born.

On a magic carpet

Featuring a new M5 (e34) engine and completely redesigned mechanics, the interior and body are not the only elements that have been perfected on this already exceptional base.
Behind the wheel of the Falkor, the asphalt passes by without a hitch. The curves follow one another with fluidity. You cross the landscape in a cabin flooded with light. The freshness of the seats, the finesse of the bodywork, the surface of the windows, the subtlety of the stitching, the torque of the engine, the comfort of the steering… All these elements contribute to the pleasure of the driver and passengers of this real flying carpet.



  • COLOR Chamonix white
  • BODY OEM sheet metal
  • BUMPERS Lightened
  • SEATS Mint green suede custom seats
  • Upholstery Black leather upholstery
  • PANELING Leather paneling
  • GEARSHIFT Ash and wenge wood knob
  • AC Automatic air conditioning
  • BASE MODEL 3.0CS - E9
  • YEAR 1972
  • WEIGHT 1420kg
  • TRANSMISSION 5-speed, rear wheel drive
  • CAPACITY 3.6
  • POWER 315cv

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