Working on a car of this level is not an easy job. Without denaturing the original, Machine Revival pays tribute to this automotive monument.

911 S




1075 kg


190 hp


Blue blood

911s, 2.4, 1972. A series of numbers and letters that for the average person do not evoke much, but for the initiated, in addition to a singular oil trap, announce a renowned automobile.
If this “oilklappe” makes the vehicle special, it is its exceptionality that makes it such a coveted and respected object. That’s what this 24th creation by Machine Revival is all about. The respect. A relative notion as it unleashes passions when it comes to evoking such and such an evolution, such and such a modification, even minor, on a machine of this calibre.
However, even if the origin is no longer there, it is with the greatest of respect and high consideration that Machine Revival has remanufactured this automotive monument.

Cold and fiery

Cobalt, evoking the blue of which is adorned the body of the machine. The name does not correspond to the precise name of the color used, but tells two sensations experienced when driving the 2.4s.
First of all, the coldness, the metallic accuracy of a vintage car that starts at a quarter turn. The impassivity of the engine, with no flaws or weaknesses in contemporary traffic. Then the fire, the magma bubbling under the red engine cover of the machine ready to send any thrill seeker to heaven.

Auto Aristocracy

In the respect of its ancestry, the car adopts a discreet and distinguished custom-made interior. Worthy of the great Parisian fashion houses, the blue textile reveals its mesh and plays with the nuances. From raw denim, very dark to almost white sky blue, the thread that weaves itself on the seats reveals in its details an infinity of nuances.
Subtlety and elegance are the key words that guided the creation of this exclusive interior. The combination of black leather on the door panels and deep blue leather on the seats supports the careful color work.
The gear knob, manufactured in the same spirit, also reveals a wealth of colors between blue and wood. Only the cold and precise aluminum trim contrasts this overall harmony.


Brand: Porsche, Model : 911s, Year: 1972, Capacity: 2.4, Horse power: 190 cv, Weight: 1075 kg, Transmission : Manuelle, Creation year : 2021, Color: Albert Blue, Materials: Leather, Fabric, Aluminium, Ideal use : Tours & weekend


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