The spirit of the gentleman driver inspired the creation of Solar. Elegant and efficient, the car is as effective on the streets of Monaco as it is on the small mountain roads.





1200 kg


280 hp


Radical and intense

From Solar, the production company of the King of Cool, which disappeared after the commercial failure of the film “Le Mans” in the early 1970s, a legacy remains : the heritage of automotive radicalism.
John Struges, director of the film, noted at the time bitterly : “Where is the human experience? We only talk about machines.”
A shame for anyone who could not see in the roar of the engines and the flow of curves an ode to the experience of driving. As testified by the silence of McQueen, quiet during the first thirty minutes of the film, Solar was born to produce uncompromising works.
Machine Revival’s 23rd creation is a tribute to that spirit.

Neat and fierce

Standing on its wide tires. Supported by a virile stature. Solar exudes the charisma and serenity of a machine desired by some, admired by others.
A casual calmness mixed with a nervous aura and an undeniable reliability make it an accessible passion vehicle, the perfect driving companion for the gentleman driver on a ride. Each trip aboard it promises an elegant journey that can turn in a flash with a fierce acceleration.


Three-piece suit, weston & chronograph

It is in the cockpit that Solar’s uncompromising refinement is fully expressed. The warm camel leather on the seats, dashboard and center console perfectly matches the cooler, sharper touches of aluminum and steel.
The welcome is warm, solid and vibrant. Taking the controls of Solar is to engage with a reliable and rigorous partner. It’s discovering a total creation, an allegory of automotive purity with a competitive edge. The vintage Tag Heuer chronograph installed on the dashboard is a proof : each journey is a question of precision.


Brand : Porsche, Base model  : 964 Carrera 2, Year : 1991, Engine capacity : 3.6, Horsepower : 280 cv, Weight : 1200 kg, Transmission : Manual, Creation year : 2021, Color : Opaque grey, Materials : Leather, Metal, Aluminium, Ideal use : Cruising & weekend


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