With a lowered ground clearance and reduced wheel size, Machine Revival radically revisits the original Range Rover line and reveals an exclusive and atypical design.

Range Rover




1845 kg


190 cv


The whimsical explorer

From the industrial suburbs of the West Midlands where he was born some forty years ago to the crossroads of the Alps, Rusty has traveled to the four corners of the continent. Along the way, he has taken as many appearances as paths. He has transported the aristocrat in a three piece suit, the family, and the solitary adventurer. He has changed his wardrobe and accessories according to the times. Today, it has set its tires at Machine Revival and reveals itself as a fantastic and unreasonable machine.

The smashing forties

From his years of experience on European roads, Rusty only keeps the best. He used his strong 1979 base, adopted a four-door suit in the 1980s, and upgraded his performance in the 1990s. Far from becoming that jaded, conservative subject of the crown, he constantly reinvents himself and now opts for a stripped-down look, removing the unnecessary and lowering his center of gravity to reveal his brutal temperament.


Sober and welcoming

All in black. The interior is as spacious as an apartment. The vehicle receives two armchairs in the front and a bench seat of the same construction placed like a sofa in the middle of a real rear living room. If the style is minimalist, the comfort is maximum.

Rusty’s appearance is raw and massive, but he’s a trickster and plays double duty. With its adjustable shock absorber system, it ingeniously adapts to all types of terrain. Elevated off the beaten path, it is able to make amazing crossings. At ground level on the tarmac, it assumes an urban character and cruises with phlegm on sunny avenues.


Brand : Land Rover, Modèle de base : Range Rover, Year : 1979, Engine capacity : 4.6Transmission : Automatic, Creation year : 2021, Color : Bellaras Yellow, Materials : Aluminium, Steel, Leather, Ideal use : 4×4 Tour & cruising


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