MR12·Force Rouge


Designed with the café racer in mind, Force Rouge is made to go as fast as possible from point A to point B… Point.





950 kg


250 hp


The racer’s fire

It’s the beginning of the sixties : bikers are gathered on the terrace and a tune begins on the jukebox. At the first note, a crazy question reverberates and forever changes the history of the motorcycle : which rider could go to the next cafe and return to this same terrace before the end of the song. The cafe racer movement was born. Motorcycles are modified, and multiple wild races ensue with a single goal: to drive and almost fly. Feeling the power of speed, having the courage to go beyond your limits, making the engine scream — you become the hero for an instant.

Copie de MR12©ThomasCortesi-22

The spirit of cafe racer

MR12 was designed in the pure cafe racer spirit. Stripped of all artifice, MR12 is lightened up to give him wings on the track and make his pilot vibrate with passion.
With its passionate, burning red color, MR12 renders his driver a superhero of the race, the one for whom everything is possible.

The color of triumph

The golden rims of the MR12 Force Rouge are inspired by a shade of the motorcycle brand Triumph, a central component of the cafe racer culture.
The use of composite and technical materials like fiberglass and aluminum structurally lightens MR12 to maximize its performance.


Brand : Porsche, Base model : 911 3.0, Year : 1982, Engine capacity : 3.0, Horsepower : 250hp, Weight : 950 kg, Transmission : Manual, Creation year : 2017, Color : Indian Red, Materials : Metal, Fiberglass, Leather & Alu, Ideal use: Strolls & Track Day


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