Onboard systems optimization

Do you dream of a more comfortable, reliable, performant and efficient collector’s vehicle? We bring to your classic vehicle contemporary touches for better performance and more comfort.

Improve without distorting

Restore your classic car and use this opportunity to add modern touches to it, whether they are mechanical, chassis, interior or comfort elements of your machine. The optimization of on-board systems allows a vintage car to offer some of the advantages of a modern car while keeping the charm of a classic. One rule applies: Do not distort the initial line.


Mechanical optimizations

The optimizations we propose can first be mechanical. More efficient brakes, a more modern and faster gearbox, power steering… Newer rims allowing to fit more contemporary and efficient tires. The revision of the running gear, more efficient connections, lower and harder suspensions…
This series of technical modifications can range from simple engine preparation to more serious changes. The modernity, let’s say it clearly, is then implanted on the invisible part of the vehicle with a resumption of all the electric part or even with electronic contributions.
A classic dress can conceal a completely unbridled underside.

Copie de MR-TL©ThomasCortesi-21-min

Comfort and new technologies.

Comfort and safety elements can also be optimized. Headlights and LED lighting, contemporary design seats, lightened dashboard and door panels, all wrapped in exclusive leather upholstery or wood, carbon, aluminum finishes…
Bluetooth sound system fully integrated and invisible, retrofit counters or modern infotainment systems integrated into the dashboard … The possible evolutions are countless, but always in the spirit of the original car…


Any plans for your machine, any questions?


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