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Our vision: Passion, Art and Mechanics

Machine Revival is a unique creation workshop combining mechanics and art. In our vision these two fields are intrinsically linked — they allow us to innovate and to create in order to make you live and feel our passion: the automobile. We consider vehicles to be works of art in their own right, generating emotions. Like a painting, each of our projects has a story, a universe and its own name. Machine Revival draws its inspiration from all fields, and thus uses art as an entry point into the world of mechanics. Art is limitless, wherein everything is a source of personalization, offering the possibility of infinite collaboration and creation.

Our approach: Finesse, Performance and Emotion

Machine Revival projects aim to stimulate your five senses. We create our vehicles with a global vision, respecting the soul of the model, and paying exceptional attention to detail.

Our technical choices are designed to achieve the perfect symbiosis between reliability and performance to give you incomparable driving pleasure.

Our design and aesthetic work meet high expectations for coherence, combining audacity and elegance. The exclusive materials used and the delicate care given to the finishing touches ensure unique and singular creations.
This approach allows us to offer you, through our creations, a true sensory experience.

Our expertise: The luxury of craftsmanship made in France

Machine Revival is a unique workshop in France, that unites all of the core crafts related to the creation of automobiles, from their design to completion. Bridging creativity and technique, our expertise requires specific skills. Alternating between mechanical engineer, motorist, coachbuilder, painter, designer, saddler and couturier, we practice our wide range of art with passion and attention to detail. Handcrafted, our creations are the result of meticulous work using pure and noble materials. Luxury craftsmen and mechanics, our high level of expertise is reflected in every detail of our projects. This precious expertise put to the benefit of our artistic approach makes Machine Revival a real hallmark.

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