MR17 Götzen-Dammerung

"It’s not history, but art that expresses real life ... ”
Nietzsche - The twilight of idols

MR17 – Götzen-Dammerung – The twilight of Idols

Twilight is a soft changing color caused by the sunset. A glimmer connecting clarity and darkness — day and night — past and present — dream to reality.
From its first appearance, nothing is the same; it concretizes change, that which is no longer. A suspended moment as exhilarating as it is disturbing, it is tangible proof that nothing is constant except change. It gives way to the unknown, the imminent approach of the night when all dreams are allowed.

MR17 is the twilight of our idol : the legendary 911

Like twilight that brings together day and night, MR17 Götzen-Dammerung links the 911 of the 80s with current technologies to give a new singularity to the model.

MR17 uses twilight color palette for its aesthetics. Dark shades are reflected in its color that change depending on the exposure, and the brighter shades of twilight adorn its raspberry interior.
MR17 is the rendition of one of our dreams of the Porsche 911 model.

From myth to reality

MR17 retains the generous curves of the turbo look version with its enlarged wings, but continues to challenge expectations with its felt and nubuck interior of exceptional quality.
Teenagers from the 80s, we dreamed of seeing the Porsche headlights light up. MR17 Götzen-Dammerung did so boldly.

Technical sheet

Brand: Porsche, Base model: 911 3.2, Year: 1984, Engine capacity: 3.2, Horsepower: 250hp, Weight: 1,190 kg, Transmission: Type 915, Creation year: 2019, Color: Petrol Blue, Materials: Nubuck, Felt & Alu, Ideal use: Strolls & Leisure


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