MR16 - Mega Toy

“Art is child's play” - Max Ernst

MR16 Mega toy – The adult game

The world is a giant playground. There are those who want to be the best in one area and those who want to have fun in all areas. To introduce the game into one’s life is to be certain to win. The game is a mixture of freedom, a touch of madness, and impertinence that lead to raw pleasure. The destination does not matter; only the fun counts.

MR16 The Mega Toy from Machine Revival

With MR16 Mega Toy, transport means fun, it’s the ultimate tool for adventure.
Comfortable in summer on the beach or winter in the mountains, on paved roads or steep terrain, it’s the perfect toy for travelling. Its atypical dimensions give it a sense of versatility.

Fun and more

MR16 Mega toy is a juggernaut. Its pure and refined lines balance its disproportionate build. Meticulous preparatory work using wood and leather refine this customary 4×4 of the American agricultural fields. This colossus’ pop of color adds the distinct artistic touch of Machine Revival.

Technical sheet

Brand : International Harvester, Base model : Scout II, Year : 1978, Engine capacity : 5.7, Transmission : Auto 3-speed, Creation year: 2019, Color : Mint Green, Materials : Treated natural leather & wood, Ideal use : Various


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