MR15 Kâlimaï - The mother of time

MR15 - Kâlimaï "Time is the sin of eternity" - Paul Claudel

MR15 Kâlimaï – The mother of time

Kâlimaï is a powerful divinity which defies time and for which no measurement exists. She brings together past, present and future onto one and the same plane.
She plays with this abstract notion, parading at unrestrained speed for some or for an eternity for others. If Kâlimaï the spirit has the power to render time non-existent, a memory that is 1,000 years old can be relieved at any moment. There is thus no point in worrying; rather, it is imperative to live it.

Machine Revival’s daily-driver

MR15 Kâlimaï removes all awareness of time and frees itself from expectations. Ancient and modern techniques come together for daily use, day after day …

The past, present or future no longer exists — do not seek to understand what year she is from but drive her daily.

The comfort of the restomod

The high-quality materials used, such as polycarbonate, modernize MR15 Kâlimaï. Ancestral craftsmanship grace MR15 in its interior composed of authentic tartan. Woven by a prestigious Scottish company, this material provides an exclusive finish. With the most current technology, MR15 has an Apple-carplay audio system and incorporates comfort for daily use.

Technical sheet

Brand : Porsche, Base model : 964, Year : 1993, Engine : 3.6, Horsepower : 250hp, Weight : 1,350 kg, Transmission : Manual, Creation year : 2018, Color : Riviera Blue, Materials : Metal, Leather, Tartan & Alu, Ideal use : Daily


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