MR13 - Nemesis

“Némésis ! Némésis ! Lève toi vengeresse !”Victor Hugo - Châtiment IIII - 1852

MR13 Nemesis – Avenging Anger

Nemesis is a goddess of Greek mythology whose name comes from “meneim”: distribute what is due. Goddess of justice and revenge, she punishes excess. His anger strikes mortals who dare to compare themselves to the Gods. She is responsible for reminding each creature of its place in the order of the universe, which any excess could hinder. She comes to sound the death-knell of justice and presents to everyone the incontestable truth : the essential.

MR13 Nemesis Machine Revival Award

In a world divided between the cult of the original model and the passion for racing, MR13 Nemesis imposes itself on and settles the debate on account of its accuracy.
Pure, beastly, without compromise, MR13 Nemesis is the violence of the racing car. Performance-oriented, only sensations count. Refined and distinguished, it lets itself be approached and controlled by enthusiasts in search of piloting, thus rendering its final verdict.

MR13 Nemesis: the essence of automotive passion

Beige tone-on-tone color until under the hood — a single shade gets to the point and highlights the line of the original model.
Without automobile assistance, it creates extreme sensations. MR13 Nemesis is not driven but rather pilots herself.

Technical sheet

Make : Porsche, Base model : 911 2.4, Year : 1972, Engine capacity : 3.6, Horsepower : 300hp, Weight : 1030 kg, Transmission : Manual, Creation year : 2018, Color : Sand Beige, Materials : Metal, Leather & Alu, Ideal use : Strolls & Track Day


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