MR11 – Ride High

“The wisest in this immense world is the most inebriated” - Victor Hugo

MR11 The height of exhiliration

The pleasure of driving: the indescribable sensations and satisfaction of living your destiny. What are you looking for in a sports car? Feeling exhilarated by pleasure and reaching the heights of your passion. Every detail serves to stir up the five senses and live the perfect moment — that when the euphoric intoxication of happiness, in its purest state, is reached.

The senses put to the test

MR11’s rawness gets to the point: the pleasure of driving. Comfort elements come second to the basics: driving. The smell of leather, the touch of brushed aluminum, the raging sound of the engine, its chassis that swallows turns, or its refined design. These all solicit the five senses to bring about an adrenaline-filled, exceptional experience and intoxicate the driver.

The luxury of finesse

The visual focuses on a two-color theme to bring depth to MR11. The superimposition of gold-colored fabric and perforated leather in the upholstery adds a subtle sparkle to its refined interior. In our workshops, meticulous work has been done to shape the exhaust pipe, granting a singular sound to the 11th signature model of Machine Revival.

Technical sheet

Brand : Porsche, Base model : 911 3.0, Year : 1982, Engine : 3.0, Horsepower : 250hp, Weight : 950 kg, Transmission : Manual, Creation year : 2017, Color : Telesto Griggio, Material : Metal, Leather,  & Alu, Ideal use : Strolls & Track Day 


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