MR09 – Yellow hurricane

"It is during the storm that we know the pilot" - Seneca

MR09  Yellow Hurricane – The eye of the storm

There is no sound to be heard; the air is charged with electricity; the excitement rises. The silence is broken by an incredible noise as the engine howls like rumbling thunder. It begins: the elements are unleashed, the wind picks up, the meter races, the car pierces the atmosphere. Once finished, calm returns as if nothing had happened. Yet everyone who has experienced the great thrill is changed forever.

Machine’s Tornado

Light as the wind but loud as a hurricane, MR09 is a real tornado. Inspired by warplane cockpits designed to brave the elements and race cars, MR09 provides a distinct driving experience and atmosphere where piloting commands.

The origins of the race

A return to its initial shade of Yellow which expresses and recalls all the aggressiveness and sportiness of MR09.
Original 2.7l RS base, MR09 has an iconic engine, with exceptional handling and sound. Lightened to the maximum to obtain an exceptional weight / power ratio, it offers itself a high level of performance providing intense driving sensations.

Technical sheet

Brand : Porsche, Base model : 911 2.7 Carrera, Year : 1977, Engine : 2.7, Horsepower : 220hp, Weight : 950 kg, Transmission : Manual, Creation year : 2015, Color : Light Yellow, Materials : Metal, Leather, Fiberglass & Alu, Ideal use : Track Day


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