Design & artistic creation

You wish to give life to your car projects on paper and be assisted in the creation of a unique vehicle? We draw your future machine and conceptualize your new art car.

Creative mindset

Machine Revival is a unique creative workshop mixing art and mechanics. In our vision these two fields are closely linked, they allow us to create and to have a singular vision on our domain, in order to make you live our passion. We consider vehicles as art pieces, generating emotions.
Like an artwork, each of our projects has a story, a universe and a name of its own. We draw our inspiration from all fields and use art as an entry point to the world of mechanics.


Vehicles design

If there is one field in which design has always been anchored, it is the automotive industry. As part of this noble industry, we are no exception to the rule and embrace its principles with enthusiasm. Revisiting the lines of an existing vehicle or defining the shape of a new component are for us, automotive craftsmen, usual operations when developing a unique vehicle.
With an obvious artistic mind, we grab our pens to bring to life your most utopian machines. Beyond a nice projection on paper, the drawing of your vehicle before production is an assistance to the validation of our mechanical intuitions.


Art projects

The automotive and mechanical universe in general, in addition to being a fascinating subject for the artists we are, are a formidable medium for visual and pictorial expression.
From the tank to the exhaust line, from the brake calipers to the complete bodywork, no piece of the mechanical puzzle escapes our brushes, our bombs, our cutters, our engravers…
Everything is a reason for customization, for expression, for style. Accessories are no exception to this creative bubbling and are adorned with singular messages and ornaments.


Any plans for your machine, any questions?


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