Clean vehicle conversion

Do you want to keep driving your conventional vehicle as long as possible? We convert your machine’s engine to biofuel or electric power.

Contributing to the energy transition

Our deepest motivation is to keep the mechanical and automotive heritage alive. Because we want to be able to drive our old vehicles for as long as possible, to admire them on country roads and downtown and not only in their garages.
We accompany the energy transition, a major issue of sustainable development and we are part of a circular economy dynamic in order not to relegate to the parking lot vehicles in perfect running condition.


Biofuel conversion

Converting your classic car to biofuel is an operation that does not require major modifications to your machine, but it does require specific experience and know-how to ensure optimal operation. Particular attention must be paid to this type of conversion on old vehicles, which require special adjustments.
After having determined the compatibility and the general condition of your engine, our mechanics will carry out a complete revision of the engine management of your vehicle and will proceed to a precise adjustment of the injection to obtain a perfect operation.
Once the installation is complete, you will be able to run on Superethanol, gasoline or a mixture of the two, in any legal and approved proportion.

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Electric power conversion

The electric conversion of your classic vehicle consists in removing the thermal engine of your car, gasoline or diesel, to replace it by a 100% electric motorization certified and adapted to your machine.
After expertise of your vehicle, all the thermal chain, the engine, the exhaust line and the tank are replaced by electric components. The new system consists of the electric motor, the controller and the battery. The electric motor is installed in the place of the removed combustion engine and the batteries are distributed in the vehicle to respect the original weight distribution. Following this conversion, various checks and road tests are carried out to ensure perfect operation and safety.


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